Wonder Woman, a feminist superhero film?

(…)  The heroine’s character development is interesting from a feminist stand point as well, because Wonder Woman must first recognize her abilities and strengths before she can apply them. This is a classic emancipatory process in which women* become aware of their potential as well as the goals they can achieve with it. This heroine however can only fully empower herself with a certain degree of anger. It is this moment which in my eyes is truly magical: Diana, so her „bourgeois“ name, should, no, she must be angry. I do not believe that this is an advocacy of violence and aggression, but rather a cinematic enaction of the « stop telling women to smile » slogan. Anger is fine. There are good reasons to be angry. And anger can be powerful.

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In Wonder Woman, the love story of the main character does undermine her empowerment at any point and is thus not a weakness, but merely one detail of a multifaceted character. For Diana leaves the island of the Amazons, on which she grew up, not for the beautiful Steve (Chris Pine), as would be the case in every fairy tale. She’s leaving to save the world! The fact that Steve falls in love with Dianaa woman who is clearly superior to him in all matters, is powerful statement in itself.

However… If only there was no „however„… For all joy and praise, there are a few things left to criticize. (…)

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